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We conduct workshops / trainings for managers, both face to face and onlineEach workshop / training is tailored to the needs of a given organisation. Our workshops cover a range of different topics - we train in mentoring and we also teach how to evaluate the results of psychological tests, how to improve communication, build teams and solve conflicts. Workshops can also be an integral part of other projects.

In Outplacement projects:

We conduct workshops in which we teach managers how to communicate information/decisions which can be difficult to accept by its recipients (changes in personnel, lay-offs). During the workshops managers can brush up their skills in practical psychology, communication and emotional intelligence. 

We also organise workshops for laid-off employees, teaching them how to diagnose their weaknesses and leverage their strengths, how to cope with stress, and how to find a new job. In the latter, we advise on a job search strategy, teach how to prepare compelling application documents. We also conduct simulations of job interviews.  

In competence model projects: 

We use workshops to identify competences. We choose competences, which are relevant to the organisation and we define their behavioural aspects. In these workshops input from management is crucial - we discuss the position of the company, its strategy and goals, and also threats and opportunities. Based on all this information we design a competence model.  

We follow internationally acknowledged best practices and use our extensive experience in codnduction workshops. Our workshops are always interactive - the call for and trigger a high degree of engagement from the participants. 

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