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360° feedback (also called Multi Source Feedback)

is a competence assessment method, which uses multiple sources of feedback to provide a better perspective.


360° feedback is a process in which the feedback seeker receives information from people he or she

is working with on a daily basis. This results in higher objectivity and reliability of the assessment. It also allows the feedback seeker to see him/herself in different roles – as superior, subordinate and peer.

The raters are usually asked to provide a rating

of behaviours pertaining to competences . Using behaviours greatly facilitates evaluation, since competences can appear somewhat abstract to

some raters.

The main purpose of 360° feedback is to assess competences in order to develop them. The results

of each 360° process provide the necessary input

for individual development programs, in which key competences and methods for their development

are laid down. Information about the level of key competences is also a starting point for determining individual career paths. In connection with individual performance indicators this information can be used to manage succession planning.

Each company has its own corporate culture,

a system of values, and a vision of success, with aligned goals. Add a dynamic business environment and your competency model will have to be flexible to respond to shifting challenges. Granted, there will always be core competences for each management level, but a “one fits all” approach is a thing of the past. This calls for a flexibility in the choice of key competences so that questionnaires are relevant.

We have been assisting our Clients in their 360° project for almost two decades. We have been running an ongoing, 360° process for ten years for

an FMCG multinational, with up to 8,000 participants and up to 50,000 raters p.a. 

Image by Ben Sweet
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