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When designing the dk•analytics system with its 360° feedback online application, we had two things in mind - simplicity and ease of use. We have shaped our tool accordingly. This didn't mean, however, that we have sacrificed functionality.


On the contrary, after some thinking, we have added an option that allows HR professionals to design multi-tiered questionnaires with competences tailored to different work levels. Our application allows Clients to use several competency models in a single project – each of them tailored to the requirements of a given work level. This provides additional flexibility in comparison with other 360° tools.


An HR professional running a 360° process can designate competences as „strategic”, „operational”, etc. In connection with the flexibility of diversified questionnaires in which competences vary depending on the work level, this results in more data and more analyses, which will enhance decision making

As said, the dk•analytics 360° tool is a highly intuitive online application – no training or study of manuals is needed in order to use it. A friendly user interface allows to design and deploy a 360° feedback project in no time; administration of the tool is easy thanks to a range of control and data analysis panels. The administrator (in most cases the HRM) has control over crucial elements of his/her 360° projects, from user data, time-frames, competences and questionnaires, to analyzing results. The administrator can also watch over each project’s progress. 

We have also provided three different ways of deploying a 360° project - our application allows HR to either assign raters to participants, or let participants choose raters on their own, or give grant access to the tool to any person in the organisation so they can define their 360° projects in a pre-defined time frame.

From their panel the project administrator can extend the duration of a project and send reminders to those participants and raters who have not yet submitted their self-assessment and assessments, respectively. The system sends these reminders only to those persons who haven't done it yet - their identity is hidden to the administrator.

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