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A Development Centre focuses on the professional development of its participants. As in an Assessment Centre, the competence profile is being determined according to the company's needs and to the job requirements. Development Center gets confused with Assessment Center, since both these processes use the same evaluation methods (e.g. in-tray, simulations and behavioral observations). However the goals are different - Development Centre deals exclusively with the development of  managers. 


A Development Centre assesses potential, identifies strengths and development needs - its ultimate deliverable is a detailed and actionable development plan for each of its participants.


A Development Centre can take several days, during which regular feedback given to participants is

a crucial element of the whole process. Participants receive feedback after each exercise/simulation, and - upon the completion of the process - also

a summary with conclusions. Since the key aspect

of a Development Center is learning, all mistakes that participants make, as well as any shortcomings, are being used as an opportunity for improvement. The consultant's role is to help participants gain awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. 


A Development Centre is a non-threatening, and objective and impartial assessment of competences and skills which require development.


We are fully prepared to execute large development projects. We have been supporting our Clients in processes with over four hundred participants from top and middle management and specialist positions.

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