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Assessment Centre (AC) is an instrument ideally suited for competence evaluation & development and for comptence-basedrecruitment. The method uses manifold sources of input data - simulation of real life situations, interviews, case studies, group discussions, "in tray" exercises and tests (among others Sales Grid and Analytical Thinking). 


An AC provides the opportunity to evaluate employees/candidates even beyond standard expectations - it is a comprehensive and objective method of measuring competence levels, and it allows to diagnose the potential of employees or candidates, while providing a detailed assessment of skills essential for a specific job. In recruitment, this means the ability to pick the best candidates.


An Assessment Centre is a also a valuable experience for the participants - they get a chance to test their competences, they receive a comprehensive feedback and gain awarenes of their own strengths and weaknesses. 


We have been executing Assessment  Centres of all sizes for many years, including processes with several hundreds of participants. 

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