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In a nutshell, a Management Audit is an assessment

of competences and potential. It includes only those managers, whose skills are essential to the success

of the company. This type of audit is typically used as a non-invasive and highly customised tool for the assessment of top managerment (Management Board, heads of business units etc) 

The audit identifies the potential of management, their strong and weak points and is the basis for individual and team development plans, as well as career and succession planning. 


The audit report describes a manager's competences and skills - including those which are related to personality type. It also outlines potential development paths.

A Management Audit utilises various diagnostic tools, including psychometric tests, case studies, competency and situation-related interviews, among others.

We assure that every audit is highly customised for every participant and that it is tailored to the business environment, strategy and needs of our Clients.

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