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Engineering Plans


A competence model is a condition for a comprehen-sive and consistent HR policy. An organisation will typically need several competence models, which reflect the key competences needed for the efficient operation of its various functions. A competence model serves as a basis for a matrix showing correlations between competences and results. Those correlations can be analysed and acted upon.  

The implementation of a competence model is nee-ded to assess competences and, subsequently, 

to draw up development plans. A model integrates three groups of competences - universal ones (applicable to the whole organisation, and forming
the competence core), specific ones (geared towards a specific function) and specialist ones (these are akin to professional skills). The model must be tailored to the organisation, and regularly adjusted, to reflect changes in strategy, structure and market environment.

Our methodology is aimed at identifying a set of competences, which are relevant to the organisation. In order to arrive at this set, we collect input from management. Using the results of competence workshops, we also produce a specific set for each function, management level and even for key jobs.

The ultimate result is a transition of the organisation to a self-learnig entity, in which competences are a tool, used to increase efficiency.

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